We help companies solve their most pressing issues when restructuring.

Getting back on track

Companies who have been caught in severe earnings or liquidity crises, will need swift guidance to avoid insolvency.

At Bronzegrove we can offer expert advice and insight to help your business during a restructuring, to ensure that you implement strategies in the most cost effect way.

We have developed a unique restructuring strategy which optimises day-to-day operations by cutting costs and improving financial situations. Our consultants also work to tap new revenue streams to make your company more resilient for the future, ensuring maximum growth during unsteady circumstances.

We hold a strong international position in restructuring. We have earned a best-in-class reputation among clients and competitors alike. Our entrepreneurial approach to restructuring focuses on three levers of value creation that reinforce each other: strategic alignment, operational restructuring and financial restructuring. We help companies navigate through a restructuring, helping them solve their most pressing issues, rebuild their business systems and regain the trust of their financiers. And then, most importantly, we lay the foundation for sustainable business success, based on competitive cost structures, innovation and growth.

Strategic Alignment

Optimising your market position is so important to ensure effectiveness during business operations. To ensure a sustainable business model, and maximise your value added, adapting your product/market combination is essential. Bronzegrove is by your side during this transition to ensure effective operations helping maximise your potential as you come out on the other side.

Operational Restructuring

Managing and more importantly improving operation margins are very important during such transitions. It is necessary for your company to be operating to your maximum potential and ensure that you have an edge above your competitors to gain success. Our expert consultants can help you evaluate your sales promotion programs and cut costs in reference to a reduction of materials and personnel, whilst you navigate through uncertain times.

Financial Restructuring

Our expert consultants have worked to develop a detailed business and liquidity plan to ensure transparency and confidentiality in your financing planning requirements. We help with the evaluation of financing instruments and measures, and the implementation of targeted financing structure. Meaning that you can feel secure during your business evolution and know that you will be maximising your success in the future.


It is important to recapture the trust of creditors and stakeholders during and after a company restructure. We help you achieve this by establishing a Chief Restructuring Officer to ensure successful implementation of required improvements.

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