IT Transformation

IT is an integral part of every business. Our team can guide you in using IT to your best advantages.

IT as a Business Enabler

A PMI / carve-out is a challenging time for seller and buyer.

Whilst many business function leaders are looking for extensive IT Support to reach their goals, many forget the importance of making sure the core IT functions are addressed. Ensuring stable day 1 operations including; EDI connections, order processes, master data changes, communication channels and application access rights is key to an overall project success. Our team of expert consultants can guide you through a flawless transition by supporting you with holistic IT support, which proves crucial in achieving your goals.

IT Support

We support our customers by focusing on the day 1 relevant functionalities to ensure overall project success.

Our team has comprehensive knowledge from varied previous experience on global projects. We can help your business prioritise your IT requirements across the board, and across all international offices. Steady alignments and continuous translation of information into tangible results is key to create a transparent picture of priorities, goals and implementation progress to all internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, Bronzegrove will help you manage all internal stakeholders and external service providers that will be involved in implementing your IT transformation and support you as our client develop your new IT organisation, ensuring that all applications and infrastructure work cohesively.

IT Fitness Check

We often find that at the start of new board members, or during a restructure many CEOs and CIOs will be inundated with questions regarding the state of their corporate IT.

This can be a confusing subject for many who are not well versed on checking the standard of said applications.

Our 360 degree IT fitness check provides the necessary transparency. We dig into all the facts, from the inside of the IT function all the way to their “customers” in the organization. This provides management with a true picture of their entire IT strategy, architecture, costs, governance, and infrastructure. Our expert consultants will be there with you throughout the process to answer any queries you might have and make any changes throughout, in a simple, straightforward manner.

Why Consider IT Transformation

An IT Transformation permits a business to carve a clear path in their business, ensure cost efficient practices, which allows innovation to flourish.

In this day and age, it can be hard for businesses to restructure their IT effectively, and many businesses are stuck dealing with their traditional systems which house critical data, which doesn’t allow an immediate transformation. Because of this, many will not see the need to restructure their corporate IT as they do not see the benefits of doing so. Here at Bronzegrove we strive to ensure that businesses are operating as effectively as possible, providing them with a wealth of options to improve their Corporate IT.

Benefits of IT Transformation

An IT Transformation can bring many benefits to your business and will allow your operations to run smoother and more cohesive than they would have before. It creates a solid infrastructure foundation with helps with the effortless running of automated services and accelerates the deployment and delivery of IT services. It also reduces the risk of critical application and service deployment, which can be detrimental to a business’s IT structure. Furthermore, an IT reformation can produce a cost effective initiative and free up budget costs which can then be used elsewhere.

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