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Future of Health

In our current climate Healthcare is continuously growing and becoming the most crucial industry, which is why our team at Bronzegrove work with companies who care about our health.

The world of Healthcare is volatile, and always changing, with new and disruptive technologies continuously entering the market and digital technologies creating new opportunities to demonstrate the practical effects of pharmaceutical treatments, medical technology companies are being challenged by strengthened regulatory and market access requirements.

At Bronzegrove, we help navigate the company’s through these problems and move forward through this ever changing environment. We focus injecting innovative market strategies and advise businesses on the careful management of the supply chain and production sites, enabling the transition to individualized medical care with the patient at the centre.

Management & Organizational Processes

To ensure continued future growth, customer orientated, and lean processes are essential.

Bronzegrove works with clients to ensure the development of appropriate operating models that standardise processes across your business. These include segmentation and value proposition development, execution quality, organization and internal collaboration, KPI, people and performance. Our team have a proven assessment approach and understand how individual strengths and weaknesses can be effectively leveraged.

Research & Development

Research and development are a key part of operating in a healthcare environment, bringing innovative ideas to the market is what helps companies grow and flourish in the evolving climate.

This being said developing new drugs can prove as quite an expense, and during this day and age regulations are strict, all of these circumstances put pressure on companies during R&D.

To plan a successful R&D strategy, it is therefore not enough to know what the market currently demands. Imagination and lateral thinking are just as important. Our team has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, giving us great insights and knowledge of how the market works, making us able to predict successful trends which your business will be able to utilise.

Strategy Development

We guide our clients through solving with diverse strategic problems, using our combined experience. Our team are well versed in questions of medical strategy as well as changes in the regulatory environment. We can analyse a variety of factors that your business may be considering, to maximise future benefits taken from these developments. Where challenges arise from other sectors may arise, such as construction or investments, Bronzegrove can advise on best practices, using our widespread experience across the entire value chain.

Performance Improvement

Many healthcare costs will often arise before fees from patients, causing some companies and hospitals to go into a disarray over increased cost pressure.

Bronzegrove supports healthcare providers in profit improvement programs helping achieve sustainable, long-lasting effects, using a holistic view of hospitals in a contribution margin logic. We help optimise everything from medical services (e.g. optimizing length of stay or optimising operating rooms), and non-medical services (e.g. cleaning and catering) to administration. And in the event of acute liquidity, we support businesses carry out restructurings to ensure maximum efficiency and a continuous cost-effective approach.

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