Having strategic infrastructure helps businesses effectively coexist with modern society.

Infrastructure is your backbone

During our volatile climate, investing capital in various sectors such as energy, IT, transport, communications, security and utilities will be required.

This unique situation means that companies will need to re-evaluate the way they invest their capital and resources into future projects, to ensure maximum efficiency. Our dedicated, expert consultants work with you to ensure that the planning and delivery is completed in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Investing in quality service and expertise could save millions if not billions to your future projects. Our extensive knowledge has greatly helped many of our previous clients who run expansive multinational projects.

Project Incubation

To ensure that projects flourish from a rough conceptual outline to an investable proposal is the foundation of every successful infrastructure venture.

In our teams extensive experience, we have found that many projects tend to get stuck in the early planning phase and fail to take the decisive step from idea to concrete planning and financing solutions.

Here at Bronzegrove, we support our clients in growing projects from an initial idea into an investment opportunity, covering commercial, political, technical, environmental, social, as well as legal and regulatory dimensions. As a result, our clients find that they can swiftly take the project forward to successful implementation that aligns with stakeholder interests.


All infrastructure projects come with their own set of risks which can endanger project execution and create complications when it comes to funding.

Our team at Bronzegrove work to support our clients in analysing and mapping the risks inherent to their infrastructure projects. Based on the results, we create a bespoke plan which encompasses a de-risking architecture, an implementation plan, and support consultations with project partners. We always take a unified approach that covers all risk scopes.

Project Setup

To avoid the risk of projects becoming severely over budget, or behind schedule, our team of consultants help you consider various factors in your initial plan, identifying weaknesses or other target areas which cause pose problems later in the planning stages. We make it our goal to ensure our clients get it right from the start. With strong experience throughout our team, we hold a deep understanding of the stakeholder’s environment which is key during these important stages. We hand pick our consultant for each project, ensuring our clients always get the best person for each individual case and we always ensure we deliver a fit for purpose project plan that can be understood from all perspectives.

Asset Productivity

Our teamwork with businesses to identify new opportunities, helping them enhance the way the function and do business. We create transparency through different sub-businesses and their underlying business structures, ensuring that all projects are operating in a cost-effective manner and tapping into new streams of creative value.

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