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We work to bring together professionals from around the world, committed to providing our clients with high-quality services.

High-end Management Consulting

When challenged with increasingly complex and stringent regulatory requirements that companies may be faced with in many parts of the wold, financial institutions must strike a balance between environmental adaptation, regulation, and profit to ensure the company’s long-term stability and development. The requirement for management consultancy firms is therefore vital; especially during uncertain market conditions.

Bronzegrove’s financial services team brings together professionals from around the world who are committed to providing clients with high-quality services to address the various problems that they may face the corporate business world, both from the external environment and internal management.

We work to continuously develop unique and exclusive solutions which can be applied across various fields of the financial services industry which enable clients to improve their position and drive significant change within their sector.

We work closely with you to deliver bespoke packages, helping you rethink your strategies and incorporate new technologies into your business models, and with outstanding know-how in restructuring and efficiency, we can show you new ways to shape your sustainable future.

Asset Finance

Whether looking to add the latest machinery or equipment, Bronzegrove can refer you to licensed and regulated asset finance companies that you can trust to guide you in the right direction and assist you in putting the right facility in place, be this traditional hire purchase, refinancing of capital equipment/capital release, a finance lease or an operating lease. Our consultants work with you to ensure our insights fit your individual business needs.

We are well versed in providing financial advice to the construction industry, helping you build for the future and ensuring you are properly equipped with the assets you need for growth.


Our team of construction experts have in-depth knowledge of the industry and will help you create a tailor-made finance solution that is cost-effective, helping spread the cost of the plant and machinery you need.

Construction Finance

We can help develop funding solutions especially designed for the construction industry.

Construction Finance is a specialist funding and supports solutions designed for contractors and subcontractors who provide construction services under a contract, framework agreement or purchase order. It provides funding by advancing cash against the value of invoices raised on the completion, or part-completion for staged contracts, of work carried out.​

As a Bronzegrove client, we can refer you to licensed and regulated lenders allowing you to access that funding at the point an Application for Payment is submitted. This means you can have certainty over what funds you have available, and in place, for the duration of any contract. With the confidence of a healthy cash flow and an on-going source of working capital you can win, and complete, contracts without the burden of loan or credit card repayments or restrictive overdrafts.

Retail Banking

With an ever changing landscape, Retail Banking solutions are becoming more necessary as time goes on. To ensure that your business remains above the ranks the right solutions need to be identified and properly implemented. At Bronzegrove, our consultants work with you to adapt and improve the models you are currently using, confirming that you are correctly reflecting the current banking climates that you face, ensuring that your business is operating as cost-effectively as possible and guaranteeing maximum growth potential.

Asset Productivity

As the global payments industry continues to undergo radical transformation, globalisation has been a significant driver and here at Bronzegrove we are confident working with international suppliers and customers.

With traditional banks often facing limitations in technology this produces inflexibility in operating functions, which in turn doesn’t enable required processes. On top of this, companies are often faced with ever changing legislation and compliance which provides its own set of challenges. Our behaviours have changed, as consumers and companies require a payments functionality on a daily basis in their interaction with banks, the global payments climate is becoming increasingly volatile, with intense fights among both traditional and non-traditional payments companies for the same client.

At Bronzegrove, our specialists work with you to ensure that you are operating effectively, providing insights and solutions across all functions to ensure maximum success in a versatile climate.

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