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Industry Experts

Our Bronzegrove team is made up of respected industry experts who can serve owners, architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers and more.

Our focus is on refining the delivery of construction projects across all sectors. We deliver projects using well-proven processes and state-of-the-art project management methodologies which work to improve collaboration among project stakeholders and optimise performance.

Our consultants have extensive experience in both the project office and the field, and are accustomed to working at all levels of our clients’ organisations. We work to offer strategic and tactical services on an as-needed basis however, depending on clients needs we can also provide total project management and control services for the entire duration of a project.

Civil Engineering

Bronzegrove’s unique team of experienced consultants total over 100 years of retained experience, with employees ranging from Directors to Trainees and all levels in between. Our specialists provide insights in construction planning and programming services, to ensure a quality assurance and cost-efficiency across all manners.

Our team is experienced across multiple functions, including new builds, refurbishment and renewal projects across the industry spectrum including; commercial, residential, leisure, retail, transport and infrastructure, education, hospitals and industrial. Additionally, we work with market leaders looking to expand their business by investing in M&A activities and bundling shared resources across their often decentralised and scattered organisations.

At Bronzegrove, we work collaboratively with our clients, generating ideas and tools which allow them to sustain their market position within this changing global economy.

We utilise our expertise to help our clients across a variety of business features. Whether it be to help develop digitally connected building sites, to integrate Building Information Modelling (BIM) into the planning process, undertake a buy-side or vendor due diligence and consolidate business units during  post-merger integration phases, or setting up Shared Service Centres, we are constantly looking to see how we can help improve your business functions.

Real Estate & Facility Management

At Bronzegrove we pride ourselves at offering clients individualised solutions for their properties and portfolios. Our proven core competencies include; consultancy for the development of facility management solutions, as well as an in-depth process to guarantee first-class facility management. We guide our clients in the implementation, optimisation and administration of facility management procedures to help successfully management of your real estate, contributing to significant value growths.

One of our major strengths is linking facility management services with significant organisational and management concepts. The essential tasks involved in effective facility management are part of our teams day to day work schedule. This includes the creation of operating concepts, planning and calling for tenders for operational services, and the selection and implementation of systems for Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software.

Sustainability Services

Here at Bronzegrove we do sustainability differently. Our sustainability planning and project development solutions are individually tailored to your business needs and requirements and our team works to ensure your bespoke package works to successfully improve business functions.

Offering strategic planning solutions tailored to reduce your carbon footprint and comply with local regulations, we will work with you to uncover opportunities in the following:

  • Strategic Sustainability Planning
  • Energy, Water, Solid Waste, Climate Change
  • Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Analysis; O&M Forecasts
  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • New & Existing Building Commissioning
  • LEED, WELL, Envision Certification Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Auditing & Training
  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)


Bronzegrove’s international portfolio of mixed-use work consists of more than 50 complex projects, including several massive developments with individual values approaching or exceeding $1 billion.

Mixed-use developments call for extraordinary planning, project management, and strategic execution — and our team of specialists at Bronzegrove excel in all of the above. With a wide range of projects from high-rise offices and hotels, to train stations, parking structures, and apartments, the goal of every mixed-use space is to create a sense of community. Bronzegrove approaches every assignment with an appreciation of both the client’s ultimate vision, as well as the fundamental difficulties in these types of assignments, which offer significant physical and functional integration challenges.

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